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  • Exo 500


    The eXo 500 introduces a new generation of RC helicopters.

    It features a clean and well structured monocoque eXoFrame which is a complete redevelopment. The monocoque of the eXo 500 is made out of CF-prepreg. It combines high strength and low weight with perfect functionality. The parts-count is held super-low whereby we are using many integral-parts. The single-stage belt transmission runs super-smooth, silent and is requiring little maintenance.  The 10mm main shaft and 6mm tail shaft are unique for a 500 size model. The eXos rigid main rotor head transfers even the smallest steering inputs from the servos to the blades. The range of headspeed you can expect from the eXo is enormous, you can fly it from super low head speeds to insane high RPMs. For best visibility the eXo has a big canopy that embraces the whole frame. Furthermore the eXo got a drop-shaped tail boom that covers the tail control rod and guarantees a good visibility in the air.

    Technical Data

    • Length: 1040mm
    • Rotor-diameter: 1148mm
    • Gear-ratio(10T): 9,7:1:4,2
    • Pinion: 18T, 19T, 20T
    • Main belt pulley: 150T
    • Flying-weight: 2400-3000g
    • Motor: Brushless, 900-1100KV
    • Battery: 6S 3300-4400mAh | 7S 3000-3500mAh
    • ESC: min. 100A


    • semi-Monocoque / CF Exo-Frame
    • precise, rigid CRS rotorhead with optimized geometry
    • drop-shaped tail boom with inside tail control rod
    • battery-changing without taking off the canopy
    • silent and efficient belt transmission for main and tail rotor
    • high quality canopy made out of GF

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