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  • Chronos 700


    The Chronos is a helicopter in the 700 size. It is the evolution of 7HV Ultimate and also has some features that are very unique.
    The CRS* rotor head is a completely new design. The hardness of the head damping is infinitely adjustable. This allows the Chronos to get optimized to all the different flybarless system and on each flying style.  In addition to the hardness adjustment, the new CRS rotor head eliminates a big part of angular errors with a new geometry. Tracking errors at high cyclic deflections are reduced and the helicopter gains precision. Exactly parallel linkages between the swash plate and blade holder and angled linkages between the servos and the swash plate are responsible for this.
    The Chronos is using the same in flight indestructible maingear made from DELRIN. With 127 teeth, it is executed in module 1 and cnc-milled. It ensures a quiet running and an effective load transfer.
    The frame is easy to maintain, has bushings and mounting points for the cable and is designed in two parts. This makes it very cost effective for a possible crash and easy to fix.
    The automatic belt tensioner, and the perfect working tail rotor of the 7HV Ultimate is used in the Chronos as well.
    A hollow-drilled 14mm main rotor shaft and a 10mm spindle make the Chronos incredibly stiff and again giving a noticeable gain in precision.
    The CF landing gear saves weight and offers a geat optics. Of course, the plastic struts can still be used.
    The Chronos is perfectly adapted for all circumstances. Whether hardcore 3D or soft low head speed cruising.

    *CRS (Compass-Rotorhead-System) High precision rotor head geometry

    Technical Data

    • Height: 410 mm
    • Width: 213 mm (170 mm)
    • Lenght: 1334 mm
    • Gear Ratio (13T): 9.77 : 1 : 4.8
    • Take Off Weight with Battery: 4800 - 5800 g
    • Motor specs: brusless outrunner - shaft lenght 34mm (33 is possible too) and 400 to 600KV
    • Rotor Blades: 685 - 710 mm
    • Rotor Diameter: 1570 mm (with 700 mm rotor blades)
    • Battery Capacity (12S): 4500 - 6000 mAh *
    • Battery Capacity (14S: 4000 - 5000 mAh *
    • C-Rate: 25 - 60C
    • Maximum Headspeed: 2200 RPM **
    • Maximum Collectiv Pitch: +/- 13° ***
    • Electronic Speed Controller: min. 120A HV ****
    • Teeths (Maingear): 127
    • Drill Size Motor Pinion: 6 mm

    * = The weight of the battery should be about 1350 - 2000g!
    ** = The helicopter is able to hold higher headspeeds. The manufacturer limited the headspeed for safety reasons.
    The maximum allowed headspeed is 2200 rounds per minute!
    *** = For safety reasons and for long lifetime the maximum allowed collectiv pitch is +/- 13°!
    **** = Minimum continous current is 120A. We recommend to use a 120-200A ESC!


    • Automatic belt tensioner
    • Sliding battery tray
    • Mod 1.0 Gears
    • Optimized for flybarless
    • High center of gravity
    • New CRS rotorhead design
    • increased stability

      • cf stiffeners
      • 14mm mainshaft

    • OPTIONAL: 3-blade rotorhead

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