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  • Atom 7HV Ultimate


    The 7HV is a completely new design. This 700 electric helicopter is equipped with innovative features like an automatic belt tensioner, sliding battery tray, which make the quick change of batteries very easy, and a thrust bearing, which protects the ball bearings of the drive.


    • The helicopter has been designed by Sebastian Zajonz, who incorporated many years of experience in the design. This design avoids unnecessary complexity. Thus, the 7HV no push / pull servo linkages, and it has a relatively low parts count.
    • The single-stage transmission with large diameter and 1.0 module gear takes the punishment of the strongest motors and provides an efficient transmission.
    • Direct servo-to-swash linkages are equal length and have linear movement. Angle-error and uneven movement found on many other products can limit performance, and is therefore eliminated.
    • With the future in mind, the swash plate and rotor head geometry was optimized for flybarless.
    • All servos, the speed controller and the motor have been placed at the height of the tail boom and the battery is very close to center of gravity.

    This arrangement ensures a very high center of gravity, which increases the performance, so the 7HV can achieve efficient maneuverability and utilize the flybarless systems fully, yielding great results.

    Technical Data

    • Length: 1372mm
    • Height: 403mm
    • Rotor diameter: 1560mm
    • Motor pinion: 13T
    • Gear ratio: 13T: 9.77:1:4.8
    • Take off weight: ca. 4.3 - 5.1kg
    • Motortype: Brushless Outrunner
    • Battery size: LiPo mit 12S (2 x 6S) 4000-6000mAh
    • Rotor blade size: 690-710mm


    • Automatic belt tensioner
    • Sliding battery tray
    • Mod 1.0 Gears
    • Optimized for flybarless
    • High center of gravity

    More Pictures

    Frames FBL version
    Frames FBL version
    Tail rotor
    Tail mechanic