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  • Atom 6HV Ultimate


    The 6HV Ultimate is the consistent further development of the old 6HV. The details make the model maintenance- and assembly-friendly or are for a better flight-performance. The 6HVU has got a third bearing block and the screws of the arm links were enlarged from M3 to M4 diameter. Aluminium brackets are mounted into the carbon side frames so the assembly of the servos is fast and easy and the ESC got his own mount. Some fixing points for the wires are milled into the new two-part side frames. This reduces the cost in case of an crash and makes the helicopter easy to fix. The tail is widely used from the 7HV Ultimate and got an aluminium tail control arm, a 6mm tail shaft, reinforced tail blade grips and a stainless tail center hub. The most distinctive features are the new canopy leant to the design of the Warp360 and the new 25mm tail boom. The automatic belt tensioner first used in the 7HV is also used in the 6HV Ultimate. Much more details like the notches for the velcro tapes, the head button, the canopy quick-releases, a new motor mount, the cf tail control rod and a new high-quality, helical delrin main gear make a perfect overall package. Get inspired by the all new 6HVU design!


    • Designed as a flybarless-model
    • One of the most light-weight helis in his size
    • Precise ECCPM 120° Swashplate
    • Aluminium Rotorhead and Tailrotor
    • Rugged CF chassis
    • Extrem solid,modulus 1 helical main gear
    • Easy maintenance, cheap parts
    • Battery-size for parallel use in 500 size helis
    • High-quality painted fiberglass canopy (available in different colours)


    • Main-rotor-diameter: 1380 mm (615mm Blades)
    • Rotor Blades: 580 - 620mm
    • Pinions: 10T, 12T, 13T, 14T
    • Gear Ratio: (10T) 9.7 : 1 : 4.36
    • Flying Weight: 3.5 - 3.8kg
    • Type of motor: electric
    • Battery-Size: LiPo 12S (2x6S) 2600-3300mAh above 25C
    • ESC: 70A Brushless HV

    Kit contains

    • Atom 6HV Ultimate
    • 615mm Carbon Blades
    • HV Brushless Motor 540KV
    • 10T Pinion
    • Blade-Caddy

    Available kits:

    1. Complete Kit like shown above w. Motor and ESC.
    2. Kit with Carbon Blades and Motor, without ESC.
    3. Kit with Carbon Blades.