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    Compass Model at IRCHA 2017 [TIMETABLE]

    Thursday morning at 9:30 we will have a team meeting with all reps and pilots at experience RC. Make sure to bring all your helicopters and charged batteries with you.

    At all demos we need the support of all Reps, Pilots and of course our customers. We are looking forward to see you guys there! This is going to be great!

    Thursday demo is starting at 11:00 AM. All pilots and reps need to be there 20min earlier. We have some nice ideas for the demo - so make sure to be there!

    At 11:40 AM we will end our demo and celebrate the life of Big D and WC in a memorial flight. Every good friend of both should fly there (contact us please). A Big D and WC shirt will be there to get signed.

    Thursday evening we will start with the Compass Booya Party. We have tacos, beer and a nasty crocodile with us. DON'T MISS THAT!

    Friday and saturday demo starts 9:30 AM. Again all pilots and supporters need to be there 20min earlier.

    Don't miss Henrik Clausen flying the battle of brands. The B-O-B contest starts saturday at 6 PM!

    If you have technical questions, want to fly or hangout with us or just want us to check your helicopter - ask at experience RC or contact any Compass guy directly, no matter what brand you are flying. We want to have fun and we want to support each customer the best possible way!

    Last but not least we will do a video about rc-helicopters and our passion to this hobby. Pascal Richter will handle most of it and all the editing. We will do interviews, flight videos and other shots with customers and pilots of all different brands. Thumbs up for Pascal!

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    Atom 6HV Ultimate full assembling video by Daniel Jetschin

    Check out this awesome series of assembling videos by Daniel Jetschin!
    He built a 6HVU from the ground up and did a video of each step!

    Click to open


    Compass Catalogue 2015

    You're looking for a model that fits you and you also need the accessoires for it? Take a look at our 2015 catalogue:

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    Compass Meeting 2014 in Rinteln

    Last weekend the Compass Meeting 2014 was held in Rinteln/ Germany. We had a lot of fun and stunning weather.

    Big thanks to Kalle, Felix, Uli and Daniel and also to all other Helpers!

    Compass at the SpringFly event

    This weekend some Compass pilots were at the SpringFly event in Vorarlberg/Austria.
    They did a fantastic job on their ULTIMATE machines!

    Atom 7HV ULTIMATE Andy Eder

    Atom 7HV ULTIMATE Dom Luu

    Atom 7HV ULTIMATE Niklas Hellrigl

    Atom 550 ULTIMATE Andy Eder

    Jeroen Koolmees, a new team pilot from NL


    We got a new team pilot from the Netherlands, Jeroen Koolmees! He is a 27 year old cabinetmaker and a fantastic pilot!

    AND he won the national F3N competition in Holland! Congratulations!



    Compass Model will be present at the ROTOR-Live fair in Iffezheim/Germany. We are showing the all new 550 Ultimate at the MTTEC booth. This 550 Airframe is based on the 6HV Ultimate. Pilots such as : André Petersen, Andy Eder, Christoph Haye, Keven Schauz, Daniel Jetschin and some of our Fieldreps will show our models in the demoslots. Feel free to say hello.


    2013 Season Teaser by Daniel Jetschin

    Daniel Jetschin gave his best to edit this awesome video. It shows szenes from the year 2013. People, Events, Friends and nice moves.

    To find the 2012 video please klick here:



    The Atom 6HV Ultimate- classical design improved!

    More information ...

    Raynia "Raynman" Pikari-Kaiwai did it again!

    Our team pilot Raynman from NZ did it again!
    He flew an awesome competition with his 7HV Ultimate and won it confident.
    But not enough he won nearly all NZ competitions this year he got the 2014 National NZ F3N Champion!
    Congratulations to Raynia for his awesome 2013 season! We're glad to have you in our team


    The all new Atom 6HV ULTIMATE- PREORDER NOW

    The all new Compass Atom 6HV Ultimate will be available soon!
    PRE-Order yours now at your local dealer!

    Stay tuned...

    HeliMasters 2013 Nördlingen- perfect conditions

    The HeliMasters Nördlingen in Germany are history.

    Compass Model and MTTEC were there for 3 days of competition, show flights and perfect weather.

    Our pilots Andy Eder, Andre Petersen and Keven Schauz are placed 9th, 15th and 18th. Congratulations to them!


    HeliMasters 2013 Venlo- a whole success

    The HeliMasters 2013 at TrafficPort Venlo are history.

    Our pilots did a great job at all, 6th, 11th, 16th and 21st place for Sebastia Serra Montes, Andy Eder, Pierre-Yves Celle and Andre Petersen in Advanced class.

    Our Demo-Team had also some good and stunning flights on the three days in Holland.

    At last we can say it was a very good event for Compass Model and we will be there in 2014! See you there...


    Warp 360 Stop Motion built by Daniel Jetschin

    Daniel Jetschin did an awesome job these days!
    He did a stop motion built video of our Warp360 within a stunning time.

    Thanks Daniel for your efforts and have fun on your well deserved Mallorca holidays!

    Warp 360 Updated!

    Due to some testing experiences we added some new updates on our Warp360.

    We did a new 19t tail pulley for lower tailspeeds when flying higher headspeeds. With that tail pulley the tail performance is better at higher headspeeds and the tail gain increases.

    We did also a aluminum tail gear frame for better tolerances and more durability.

    As third we made the tail arm mount thicker and tougher for harder flying and more durability.

    Download PDF

    2nd and 3rd Place at the Austrian F3N Championships 2013

    Our team members Andy Eder and Henrik Zupanc achieved the 2nd and 3rd place at the Austrian F3N Championships with their 7HVs.

    They're flying the stock Compass Setup with the MKS HBL series servos in their competition machines.

    Congratulations to them from all of us and we're looking forward to their next results.




    Compass is a HeliMasters World-Series Gold Sponsor

    Compass is a HeliMasters Carinthia Main-Sponsor

    New Zealands 2012 3D Champion: Raynia "Raynman" Pikari

    The new WARP 360

    The WARP 360 is an electric helicopter of the coming 360 size. He represents a new generation of high-performance 3D helicopters. The single-stage belt drive provides a very quiet and smooth running. The almost rigid rotor head provides a very straight and aggressive response.

    More information ...



    The all new 7HV

    Our new machine is a 700-class electro helicopter. Keep yourself ready for a straight forward 3D machine from Compass.

    More information ...

    Podcast / Interview with Sebastian Zajonz

    Sebastian talking about the alle new 7HV. This podcast is avalable at the guys from rc magazine - unfortunately only in german language.

    Go to rc magazin podcast ...

    Get it from iTunes ...